Wednesday, July 22, 2015

To Encourage a Thief

To Encourage a Thief
By Virgil Hurt,
On the occasion of my daughter, Elizabeth’s, wedding to Ian Lamont.
Written July 15, 2015
Wedding July 18, 2015

To Encourage a Thief

A thief is never at ease.
His mind is running too and fro.
He knows that which has recently become his.
Can just as easily go.

He hoards that which was yesterday another man’s.
And does not seek to make amends.
The greed he condemned in the rich man’s treasure
He, himself, possesses now as ever.

Is there help for such a man?
Can we offer him a plan?
I find it rather difficult to do.
Instead I’ve got an accusation or two.

Ian, thou art the man!
A thief if ever there was one!
You know you took that which once was mine!
Do not deny it here at this present time.

I saw you take it and have plenty of proof.
The men gathered here under this roof
Can avouch my claim as plain and true.
There is a thief, I say, and he is you!

I will speak the truth today and will not withhold the same.
You it was who snuck into my home
Who ate my bread and drank my wine.
You who planned it all before the time.

You even smiled and laughed while the deed was done.
And never thief so guileless still?
Whose repentance of this theft is still undone.
Shall we affirm this wretched skill?

But affirm I do and do not begrudge it.
My daughter’s heart, don’t deny, you have stole it.
I asked her where it was, “Tis gone”, she said.
Who is the culprit? Not that Lamont bonehead?

“Dad!” she protested, espying my smirking smile.
And hugs to her and from her all the while.
He’s not so bad, I said, but do you respect him as much as me?
“More.” she said. I said, “Then, it shall be.”

It is rare that I encourage a shameless thief.
But one like you, son, I eagerly do.
The girl who’s heart you stole
I willingly give to you.

Guard her well, a treasure like no other.
With love to you from me and her mother.
Time to stop your thieving ways.
Live content with her all your days.

Cherish her, this stolen gift.
With love like Christ’s, whose suit did lift
His bride as high as heaven above.
To die for her, no greater love.

The thief is now a son to me.
And daughter ever happy she.
From God to me, to you she’s sent.

God bless you both in Providence.

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