Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Do So More and More

Recent events in our country have given us cause to be discouraged. Americans have a tremendous heritage of Christian thinking and culture that we are rapidly throwing off. What are we to do?
         First of all, do not be discouraged. At the core of discouragement is lack of faith. We look and see and are downcast. But God calls us to live according to what we cannot see.
         If our President and Congress and Supreme Court, our institutions of higher learning and even the American citizenry want to throw off our Christian heritage and shake their fist at God, it will not change the end result. The knowledge of the Lord will be as the water that covers the sea. The liars will be exposed. Our Lord sees all this tumult as the rulers of earth engage against our Lord Jesus and what does God do? He holds them in derision and laughs.
         We are not to be discouraged. God is not losing. His rule and His way will be established in the Earth.
Secondly, be faithful, be bold against the liars. Be kind to your wife. Respect your husband. Obey your parents. Gladly receive children. Raise them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.
In these simple ways, God establishes His gospel and His will in the Earth. The liars who hide the truth cannot cover this truth. Our God is our salvation. He will not forsake us. Truth will prevail.

Those of you gathered here, believe this. You do well. Continue in these things. You have done well. Do so more and more.

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