Thursday, January 20, 2005

Fat Head

Eph 5:23 23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.

There was a man who desired a wife and children. He knew the admonition of the Lord and that it was his calling to love his wife and children. He also knew that it was their calling to respect and obey him. Having got these fundamentals of the faith fitted tightly into his fat head, he proceeded towards the ends of the Christian faith. He got a wife and children and reasoned that if his wife would only respect him and if his children would only obey him, then he ought to be just the kind of man who finds it easy to love them. But, of course, he never did.

One day, many years later, his submissive wife warily asked to talk to him about the troubled waters in their marriage and also about the alarming school reports concerning their nearly grown children. He was a bit shocked to have to discuss these things but it was Sunday and he didn’t want to break the Sabbath. After hearing her out, for about two minutes, the husband protested vehemently that it was not his fault. “Didn’t I make the important decisions for us? Didn’t I shed tears with you through these long years of our marriage? Didn’t I apply the rod faithfully to our young charges? Didn’t I…..?

The wife, without lifting her bowed head, softly interjected, “Yes, dear but you were indifferent when I needed you to listen, you cried when I needed you to be strong, you angrily disciplined when the children needed a hug and what you decided for all of us was only the best….for you.”

Having never heard anything like this from his wife in all his born days, the man was speechless….for about five seconds. He then gathered his thoughts and made a new resolution. “I will order that book on male headship that I’ve been wanting and I will know better how to lead us through this.” Having uttered this great statement, he then turned and walked away from his wife, who could not bear to follow his retreat with her sad gaze, so she looked at her shoes. The perturbed man ordered the children off the computer so he could order his book and read about how to be a more godly husband and father. And they did not live happily ever after.