Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Miss Libby is a Liar

Why am I suddenly posting like crazy?

You've got to strike while the iron's hot!

I think many, many Christians have been cool shamed into the homo agenda mantra. They are ashamed to disagree with Miss Libby from Baal U. But this isn't really just about having sex with whatever you want. It is an attack on the very foundations of truth. It hits at the heart of our faith in Christ, God's Holy Word, the Bible.

"But don't be mean to Miss Libby, we've known her since kindergarten."

"Miss Libby seems so nice and she told us about the bad fundies who made fun of her big muscles. So, she decided to hate men altogether. Oh Miss Libby, we feel your pain!  WE won't make fun of you. We'll take you seriously with knowing nods."

But wait a minute little children. Miss Libby is a practiced liar. She likes her big muscles and relishes in the insults. All the more to eat you with my dear. She is not what she seems. Even when she seems happy about her wonderful arguments, she's not, not really.

Little Christian boys and girls, remember your upbringing. Remember when we talked about the God sized hole in every heart that can only be filled by Jesus? Well, its actually true.

Miss Libby wants to fill it with libertinism, agnosticism, materialism, environmentalism, and any other ism she can come up with besides Jesusism. And she might even be glad to fill it up with Jesusism, as long as their is no Jesus. But the hole just won't fill. She's a liar, that Miss Libby. Time to stop the ears and shout her down!

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