Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Psalm 46

Psalm 46 To the chief Musician for the sons of Korah,
A Song upon Alamoth
The Lord of Hosts With Us
Sermon Notes
August 20, 2017
Lynchburg, Virginia

         Where is your help in time of trouble? We have recently seen troubled times. There was trouble in Charlottesville. This week there is trouble in Houston, Texas. There are rumors of wars in Korea.
         These troubling times cause us to seek safety. In Charlottesville, there is safety in peace, the brotherhood of man. But people say, peace, peace, when there is no peace.
         In Houston, there is safety in boats, or the federal pledge for money. Some are helped and others are stranded and there is fear on every side.
         On the international stage, madmen make havoc with missiles and bombs. Muslim leaders strike fear into the populace of the middle east. And many in our nation want somebody to do something about it. Strike down the madman. Send in the military, or appease the enemy.
         But the common theme in all of these troubling circumstances, is our failure to turn to the one place where we can receive true help, true refuge. We must turn to the living God. His truth prevails over liars. His love prevails over bigots. His might prevails over hurricanes and in the midst of them. He is the refuge from the storm. He is the Lord of Hosts, the Lord of Sabaoth, the Lord of Armies, who rules the nations. He can take care of the madmen.
         It takes faith to see this but that is how we see. Our God is our refuge, our very present help in time of need. Trust Him.

Be Still

There is a lot of prep that goes into making dinner. The kitchen gets messy. The music is on. The dishes are banging and the chatter and excitement are in the air. Maybe someone is even grumpy because they are so hungry.
And then we sit down. When we sit down to dinner, there is a time before we eat when we are to be still. The food is waiting but we need to pause, give thanks, focus our minds on our blessings, thank God for who He is and what He has done for us. God calls us to be still and know that He is God. He has provided. He has welcomed us. He has prepped the meal. He has seated us. He will sustain us. He will bless us.

Silence and stillness give way to rejoicing and eating as we say, “Amen and pass the potatoes!”

Meal Prep

Our Lord, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, grant us Your grace as we eat and drink of this meal, lest, coming unworthily, we eat and drink judgment to ourselves. Grant that we would worthily partake of the Lord's supper, rightly discern the Lord's body, and by faith feed upon Jesus Christ, our Savior. Give us assurance of our repentance and love towards You and Your people. Teach us new obedience marked by faithful Christian living, lived out by the renewing and enabling strength of Your Holy Spirit. Amen.   


Our Lord our God, maker of Heaven and Earth, You have given us all that we need for life, whether physical or spiritual. You have made us in the likeness of Adam and You have remade us in the likeness of the Second Adam, Your Son, Jesus Christ. Grant us thankful hearts as we seek to do Your will on Earth as it is in Heaven. Use our talents, our gifts, and our money to advance the name of Jesus to the very ends of the Earth. Glorify Yourself in and through us, for Jesus’s sake. Amen.