Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clinton no Patriot

In a surprise twist to the Benghazi debacle, Hillary Clinton was suspended for four election cycles. Special prosecutor, Rand Goodwell, proclaimed, "I find it highly suspicious that Ms. Clinton did nothing dishonest by erasing over 10,000 personal emails. She deflated the investigation into her private server and we cannot let that go unpunished. Banishing her from four elections cycles is gracious in my eyes."

Ms. Clinton was clearly bothered by the entire process. "I did nothing wrong. Those 10,000 emails were personal conversations between me and Chelsea. I felt it my duty as a mother to keep them from the public eye. Goodwell is part of the right wing conspiracy of which my husband and I have long been victims."

Goodwell had the final word. He emphatically stated, "Clinton is no patriot."

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