Friday, July 31, 2015

Brady Changes Position

Brady Changes Position

In a last ditch effort to avoid a protracted lawsuit between the NFLPA and NFL, Tom Brady agreed to switch positions. Brady will be reassigned as a wide receiver for the upcoming 2015-16 season.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released the following statement this morning. "The NFL was glad to reach a workable solution to avoid a lawsuit with the NFLPA over Tom Brady's suspension. Tom has been a gentlemen throughout the negotiated settlement. While we will miss watching him play quarterback this year, we are glad to see number 12 suit up for the start of the season."

Brady was upbeat about the news. "I am very excited about the start of the season and look forward to defending our championship. I am confident that Jimmy (Garroppolo) will do an excellent job. We are already developing a connection."

Asked about the change, Belichick gave an usually long response. "Brady's tall and that's good."

Brady is not known as fleet of foot but he insisted that will not be a problem as a wide receiver. "Look, the main thing is accuracy in throwing and running routes. Jimmy has a precision arm and I've been hitting these routes for 14 years. Sure, my 5.3 forty time isn't lightning but I'm 6'4". Most DBs are about 5'9", so that should not be a problem. I don't care if they can keep up with me, they've got to compete for the ball."

Reminded that most DBs have a vertical jump around 35" and that Brady's combine vertical was 9", Brady simply smiled and raised his unusually long arms. "Let the games begin," he said.

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