Wednesday, July 08, 2015

John Ploughman's Wisdom

Reading through John Ploughman's Talk. It is most excellent. It is a book that every family should own and regularly read out loud. I will post a few quotes here but it is utterly impossible to underline or highlight this book because virtually every line is quotable.

Here is a sample of one section on Hints as to Thriving.

"I only want to say, do not be greedy, for covetousness is always poor; still strive to get on, for poverty is no virtue and to rise is in the world is to a man's credit as well as his comfort. Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can. Never try to save out of God's cause; such money will canker the rest. Giving to God is no loss; it is putting your substance into the the best bank. Giving is true having, as the old gravestone said of the dead man, "What I spent I had, what I saved I lost, what I gave I have. " The pockets of the poor are safe lockers, and it is always a good investment to lend o the Lord. John Ploughman wishes all you beginners long life and prosperity.

Sufficient of wealth,
And abundant health,
Long years of content
And when life is spent,
A mansion with God in glory."

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