Friday, July 31, 2015

Clinton Throws Support To Biden

Clinton Throws Support To Biden
In another seemingly Clinton-Brady connection, Hillary Clinton announced a settlement with special prosecutor, Rand Goodwell. Hillary’s four-election cycle suspension was announced earlier this week. Since that time, the Clinton campaign had filed an appeal while continuing on the campaign trail. Her lawyers claimed that her suspension was both unprecedented and illegal.
However, in today’s announcement, Ms.Clinton has agreed to withdraw the lawsuit as the  special prosecutor has allowed her to run as a Vice Presidential candidate instead of the top of the ticket.
“It really is the best thing for the country,” said Ms. Clinton. “I have great respect for Joe Biden and will be glad to serve him as a running mate.”
Biden seemed surprised when informed of the news at this morning’s White House Press briefing. “Hillary is supporting me? Then I guess I better run.”
Asked if he would pick Hillary for a running mate were he to win the nomination, he laughed and said, “Let me ask Bill.”
Bill Clinton was asked for his response while working out at Gwenneth’s Salon. “Hillary will do a fine job as the number two man. She and Joe go well together.”

The most recent poll shows a Biden-Clinton ticket leading a Trump-Bush ticket by 3 percentage points, well within the poll’s margin of error.

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