Sunday, January 28, 2007

Communion Meditation-God is Here

Dear saints, I hope we have learned two things from our sermon on Moses. The first is for you. The second is for your elders.

First of all, you have been brought near the Rock of Christ. The blessings are about to flow. Though You are in the wilderness and thirsty, you are not in danger of perishing. Blessed are all those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. And the righteousness of God is revealed in your midst. Be glad that you are hungry, for God provides a meal. Be glad that you are thirsty, for there is water and wine in abundance for all.

Because this is true, you must learn not to complain and grumble. You can let the Lord know that you hunger and thirst but do so in faith not doubting His provision. Look upon the food of God’s sustenance. The Rock has poured forth and food and drink are here in abundance. We are not just speaking of spiritual food and drink. God has amply supplied your every need. AND He even provides for your spiritual needs. He feeds you body and soul. What complaints can you make to Him? Are you still hungry? Then come and eat. Are you still thirsty? Then, come and drink, and be ye filled.

And the second thing we, your elders, must learn, is faith. Not faith in you, the people, but rather, faith in God on your behalf. We must implore Him to meet you in this place, feed you and nourish you. And we must not grow weary in this, our task. Do not grumble. But if you do, we will talk to Jesus for you, asking Him to flow over you in abundance of the Holy Spirit. Do not doubt that God is here among us. But if you do, we will remind you that He is near and therefore you must come to Him and dine and drink. Stop your doubting. Believe God. But if not, believe us. God is here. Come and eat.

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Rebecca Hurt said...

That was a very good communion.
Thank you.
Wow, you post on here faster than I can comment.
I will try to keep up though.