Friday, July 31, 2015

PETA Lashes Out at Planned Parenthood

PETA Lashes Out at Planned Parenthood

In the too weird not to be true category, Sheila Hartless, lead protestor for PETA’s Eastern region, lashed out at Planned Parenthood for killing Cecil the Lion. Apparently duped by a satirical piece by blogger Virgil Hunt, Ms. Hart tweeted, “Planned Parenthood has to go. Can’t believe they killed Cecil. #defundPP”
Susannah Bloodletter, senior Vice President of Planned Parenthood’s human resources department issued a correction. “Ms. Hart simply fell prey to the extremist anti-choice machine. Planned Parenthood has never killed any animals, nor have we harvested any animal body parts for sale. We do not have business relationships in Asia. We, at Planned Parenthood, are proudly people for the ethical treatment of animals.”

Ms. Hartless deleted her tweet but not after it had already been retweeted over 20,000 times.

Asked for a comment, she emailed the following to our editor: “My father, Branden Hartless, was a determined big game hunter. I grew up with huge whitetail mounts in our home. They were always staring at me and I learned to hate the death they signified. I am sorry if I offended anyone at Planned Parenthood for insinuating they were involved in the murder of Cecil the Lion. They clearly have high standards and would never do such a dreadful thing. PETA and Planned Parenthood are at peace. Mr. Hunt should be ashamed of himself.”

Mr. Hunt could not be reached for comment.

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