Friday, July 03, 2015

Pot Belly Challenge

Pot Belly Challenge!

Okay, here's the deal. I bet you $10 I can lose 10 lbs faster than you.

Whoever loses 10lbs first takes ALL the winnings! You can give the money to your favorite charity, church or take your spouse out for a meal. You can pig out cause you will have lost 10 lbs!
If you want to join our Pot Belly group, then FB message me your email address and I'll keep a spreadsheet of everyone.
Guys, you have to FB Message or text me a picture of your weight. I don't trust you. You are all liars. How big was that fish you caught last week? Right!
Ladies, you don't have to send me your weight. I trust you. But be HONEST!
I will post top 5 leaders every two weeks. NOT your weight. Just how much weight you have LOST. Once someone loses 10 lbs, it's over and I'll email everyone where to send the $10! Easy! I'm guessing someone will do it in a month or five weeks.
Cheapest weight loss program ever!!!!
Oh, I do have a 1 day head start on you. I weighed in today along with my little sister. So, you'll have to catch up one day! But I'm sure she and I will likely 4th of July it up! So, you can catch up!
If I get several takers by the end of the week, then I'll add a few days on to the contest. That is, handicap Letha and I for staring early. I'll be fair. Trust me

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