Thursday, March 03, 2016

Frog of Self-Deceit

Nobody kills someone on their first chance to do so. Generally, not even when one strikes out in sudden anger. The impulse to kill is nurtured along by little murders, called anger, bitterness and envy, that gang up and kill the conscience. This process is also true of adultery, fornication, major thefts, even lying under oath. These major sins are always a result of cozying up to seemingly minor sins.
         You sin, you might even repent of it, then you go back to it again. You sin some more and do not confess. You do not confess and you do not get caught and you think you get away with it. A little anger at your wife here, a little discontent with your husband there, a little dally with the internet ladies of the night, a little lying to the parents, a little yelling at the kids when they irritate. A little, a little more, a lot.
         The frog boils when he simmers slowly, like the conscience when it is systematically murdered through little sins that never get mortified. A little leaven leavens the whole loaf. Don’t cook your conscience. Jump out.

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