Thursday, March 17, 2016

Look Back, Look Ahead

The Lord’s Supper is an interesting meal. It is most clearly a place of healing and hope. But that healing and hope is through the cross, the place of suffering and death. When we show the Lord’s death till He comes, what do we show? 

We show that He had to die for His people, for His sinners, for me, for you. We show that the price of salvation is costly. We show that God had to save us because we could not even pay for our own sins. We show that the power of the devil is destroyed through the substitutionary death of Jesus. And the cross is empty and the tomb is empty for Jesus endured the cross for the joy that was set before Him in Resurrection.

So, we look back at all of that every Lord’s Day. In all its horror, betrayal, failure, is a dawning gladness for what lies ahead. We look back and see death. We look forward to life. We look back and see betrayal. We look forward and see loyalty. We look back and see suffering. We look forward and see Resurrection. Don’t be afraid to look back at the cross. We look back to look ahead.

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