Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Crown of Humility

What could possibly be a Crown of Humility? A crown is something that marks one out as royalty and is not generally associated with humility. See a crown, see a King. 

Jesus is a King but with Him we see a different sort of crown. How about a crown of thorns? How about a crown of kneeling before ambitious disciples to wash their feet? How about a crown of betrayal in the greatest hour of need? 

Jesus is a King but a very different sort of King. The kings of earth gather together against the Lord and His Christ. He will defeat every foe and every lofty thought raised up against Him but He does so in the most remarkable way. He lays down His life. He submits to the violence perpetrated against Him. He receives blows and insults from the hands of murderous bloody men, the very men He came to save. And what does He say? Does He curse? He blesses, “Father, forgive them.”

Have you ever seen a man like this? Have you ever known one so humble? That is the sort of crown on the kind of King I am glad to call my Lord. He wears the Crown of Humility.

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