Thursday, January 23, 2014

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth

At the beginning of our service in the Call To Worship, I say, “Let us worship the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit” and we all say, “Amen! We will worship God in Spirit and in Truth.”
This means a couple of things. First of all, we are relinquishing our own spirit to God’s Spirit. We desire to do that which He calls us to do. In this statement, we are laying down our own lives and wills and taking up the life of God, in His Spirit, and promising to walk in His Spirit. Furthermore, we understand that we cannot do this on our own. So, we are calling upon God to send us His Spirit and to lead us by His Spirit.
         Secondly, we are promising to worship God in Truth. There is a sense in which this Truth is Jesus. We are in Christ and we come to the Father in the name of Jesus. This is our bold confidence. But there is a simple sense to the word as well. We are coming honestly, truthfully, without hypocrisy and lies. We admit we are sinners and we confess our particular sins. We agree with God’s Word, even if it means we are out of discord with God. This truth calls us back to faithfulness. It may cause us guilt and shame in our disobedience but then we also remember the truth that Jesus is our Advocate and in Him we have access to the God of Heaven. Thus, we must believe God’s Truth in every area of our lives, in our failures as well in God’s declarations of friendship through Jesus.
         Thus, we worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

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