Sunday, January 05, 2014

Old Fashioned god

In a recent post, I confessed that I had not realized how much I thought of God as American. I know, theologically, that is silly. But practically, we are Americans and think like Americans, and make the mistake of thinking that others think like we do. Our greatest other is God but we are to think like Him and not make the mistake of thinking that He thinks like us.

Today, as I was musing about this once again, and also thinking about some of our modern foibles, entertainment, internet, technology, I realized that I often think back with nostalgia and the good ole days. That is not all bad if we are trying to reform where we have gone astray from God so we can get back on track. But it is a great mistake if we think God was the God of the 1950s, or the 1517's, or the early Christian era, or New Testament times. God is not Father Knows Best.

God is not looking at the modern world and wishing it were the 1950s again. He is not lamenting the advent of technology, the television, the computer, the internet, or cell phones. This is His world and it is developing in the way that advances the Kingdom of Christ to the very ends of the Earth. God is not likely to move out to a little plot of land far away from the city, grow some organic food and remain off the grid. That is a god we have made in our fear laden image.

The world is His and all the fulness thereof.

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