Monday, January 13, 2014

Christian Success Breeds Opposition

The powers that be are never more fearful than when they see the success of the godly. This fear is built into the satanic world. Satan has lost but is unwilling to submit himself to the Lordship of Christ. Every institution that will not do so sees a rival in the Lord’s anointed. When God blesses His people, we should expect opposition from the powers. If we are not being opposed, then we simply are not successful.
This success can end up in putting down the opposition. There was a day when David became king. He was then able to defeat his enemies and bring them in subjection under his feet. But even then, those who would resist his authority were agitating beneath him. This may require that at certain times and places, until the victory is secure, that Christians run the risk of failure and defeat. We also may need to flee the moment and bide our time until the Lord raises us up in victory. It will probably require both, some initial martyrs who pave the way to victory.
Christians ought to be very careful about making alliances with political parties, politicians, or any level of beaurocrat. For the most part, these people are in it for what they can get out of it, not a fundamental commitment to do that which is beautiful, true and good. Their motivator is not the kingdom of God and His righteousness. We should never expect them to be anything more than what they are, sinners and very often, opportunists. So, be ready to end the alliance and to cover your back side as you make tracks.

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