Friday, January 10, 2014

What Do They Teach Them in These Schools?

That C.S. Lewis line was uttered in a day in which most of what was taught was from the legacy of Christian culture. However, it was waning and that is what he was lamenting. In our day, the education racket has been cornered by a monopolistic federal bureaucracy. And one that by definition, has been historically aChristian but is now unashamedly and vehemently anti-Christian.

Many Christians have realized this fact and headed for the tall grass. In the tall grass are home schools, co-ops and many different sorts and levels of Christian schools. Christians should continue to pull their children out of the machine where they can be adequately and actually raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

For those Christians who still think it wise to support the system that defies them and Christ, may God grant you wisdom to see the truth.

I make an appeal not only to Christians but also to conservatives of every stripe, many of whom are Christians. I understand that there are many nominal Christians and even some that consider themselves liberals. If a liberal Christian is the same thing as a democrat, I do not see how that position at all squares with the Bible? The democrat agenda includes sodomy, baby-killing and increasingly a full-blown socialism that is now moving rapidly towards marxism.

How do Christians square their Christianity with such views? Well, easy. Logic taught at the public schools. How is it that an infertile lobby like the sodomite agenda reproduces itself? They are not having children. How do they propagate? They have a captive audience. Government schools. For thirteen or fourteen years they teach your kids that mommy and mommy are just fine, that daddy and daddy is a good thing, that their friend Johhny who wants to be called Janey is a okay. And if your kids raise their little conservative or Christian voices to say that maybe mommy and daddy are better and that Johnny better get a hold of himself before he loses himself, some teacher or administrator will soon make him see the light. How about a day or two at home to deal with those hateful thoughts?

Folks, as an adult, you would probably not stand a chance of surviving with your morals intact after twelve years of browbeating. How, on God's green earth, do you think your little children can survive? The fact is that many of them are NOT surviving. They get the drill. They go along. They make do by not making waves. That is the conforming power of culture.

So, Christians, sure, but even you nominal Christian conservatives out there should be on the housetops yelling for the end of government indoctrination of school children. End the government schools.

Privatize the schools. All of them. Let the liberals, sodomites, unbelievers and advocates of other religions try to make do without government subsidies. Many of them will end up in OUR schools and then we get to do with them what they have been doing to us. Only in our case, we teach their children the truth and the Truth will set them free. I have no delusions that this will happen any time soon. But if it did, we could win back the country in one generation!

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