Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Forgiveness, Peace, Newness and Hope

It is with great hope we begin this new year. We know that Jesus has been born, lived a perfect life, died on our behalf, rose from the dead, ascended up into Heaven and is ruling Heaven and Earth until all of His enemies are subdued beneath His feet. That is glory enough for great rejoicing.
But He has done even more than this. He has sent His Holy Spirit to dwell with us and to assure us of His love. His Spirit convicts us of sins so that we turn to Him for grace and His grace is always sufficient so that wherever sin abounds grace doth much more abound. He also teaches us and nurtures us so that we grow up in wisdom and in favor with God and men. We see real progress because God’s Spirit gives us real victory through Jesus Christ. We have forgiveness and peace and we have newness and hope.

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