Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Naked Souls

We are all naked souls before our Father in Heaven. This image seems scary to us. Who wants to be fully exposed to God? Our God is a consuming fire and so standing in His presence on our own, in our own skin, is frightful.
But being a naked soul before God does not have to strike fear in us if we are clothed in Christ. If we have put on Christ, then it is not our own sinful inclinations or even actions that the Lord sees. Rather, He sees us covered in the image of His own Son. He sees us as we shall be when we have fully put away sin and death and have no reason for our fears. 

But this is not merely something that is future. There will be a day when we will sin no more, when our bodies and spirits are in perfect harmony. But even then, it will be because we are clothed in Christ. We will still be living by grace. But the reality will have arrived. 

For now, we do this by faith. We believe God’s declaration of love for us because we know that Jesus is our Savior. So, there is no hiding from God. But we don’t have to hide like Adam and Eve. We are covered with Jesus. He bids us to come to Him, to sit and eat and drink and be comforted in His presence.

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