Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Unimaginable Patience and Love

As we make our way through these Minor Prophets we will be arrested with the shock of hearing the voice of the prophet. The prophet’s voice is scary. It announces the holiness of God and contrasts this with the sinfulness of the people. God is patient but not infinitely so. His patience does eventually wear thin and He acts in righteousness. The prophet points this out and the people fear.
         But God, who is ever faithful, goes far beyond our imaginations. Just when we think He is finally done with His people, He shows up to do that which they could not do. He saves them. He reckons their faith as righteousness and forgives them all their sins, all their failures. In the place where He thought to banish them forever, He calls to them, speaks tenderly, forgives them and is pleased to call them, “My people.”

         Saints, we serve a God of unimaginable patience and love. He is not done with us. He speaks harshly through His prophets and He speaks tenderly as a pursuing suitor to His Bride, His Church. He draws. He beckons. He feeds. He heals. He restores. In the name of Jesus, eat and drink and be at peace.

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