Thursday, April 02, 2015

I Will Be Sorry For My Sin- Psalm 38

Regular confession of sin is required of us. When we go up to the house of the Lord, we do so expecting that He will bless us as we honestly worship Him. This is His promise to us. But a lot rests on that little word, honestly. We are to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. And the truth is that you have sinned.

Some sins are particularly egregious and vex our souls. Other sins are vexatious in another way, they are seemingly small but we cannot seem to shake them. They cling to us. But like the viper that Paul shook from his hand, sin confessed and burnt up in the sacrifice of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, will neither kill nor harm us.

It is those sins that do not bother us that give us trouble. We get used to them. Sometimes we nurse them along, like grudges, like excuses, like an old bad habit that becomes an old friend. But resolve, like the Psalmist, to be sorry for your sins and to lay them all on Christ. He will burn them up in the fire of His abundant grace.

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