Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Fidelity is a strict observance of promises and duties. Another definition of fidelity is conjugal faithfulness. Another is loyalty. It should be easy to see that these are all closely linked.

We can think of fidelity as faithfulness. We keep our promises to our spouses. We keep our promises to God. In Hosea, God calls Israel’s unfaithfulness, whoredom. That is a strong word and it is meant to be.

To seek lasting peace in any other place than in the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, is to commit spiritual adultery. 

We American Christians do not set up idols on our mantles and worship them but we may worship the idol of peace we find in our mounds of wealth or vials of health, in our natural foods or in material goods, in our home school or in being cool. These are all ways in which we leave our true health, our true wealth, our true peace in Christ and turn to other lovers who can never really satisfy or fulfill us.

Where do you seek peace? Who or what gets the credit for your hope, your joy, your peace? Are you standing on the solid Rock that is Christ or on a fickle lover that will ultimately prove unfaithful?

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