Monday, April 20, 2015

Poor and Needy

Dear saints, we are poor and needy but the Lord thinks upon us. David said he was poor and needy. How much more we who are much more poor and much more needy? But given the sentiment, the poorer and the needier, the more the Lord thinks upon us. It is no shame for us to be poor and needy. On the contrary, to admit this truth as we seek Jesus Christ, is to be rich and content in Christ.
         We are not seeking the wealth of the world or our own self-suffiency. Rather, we throw ourselves upon Christ, from whence comes our help. He fills us up. He makes us the possessors of all things. He makes us content in excess and content in want, for to have Christ is to have all. The poorer we are, the needier we are, the more we have of Christ to supply all our needs.

         This meal then is for the poor and needy, for the hungry and thirsty, for the sick and the dead, made alive in Christ. By faith, receive the living Christ offered in this meal.

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