Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Wisdom of God

A wise woman once saved her household from a foolish husband. A foolish woman once ruined her household by heeding a serpent. A wise man restrained his hand from striking the Lord’s anointed. A foolish man cursed the Lord’s anointed. A wise man answered the invitation to the Lord’s banqueting table. A foolish man showed up without wedding garments. Wisdom cried out from the streets. Fools closed their ears.

         We are gathered here in the presence of the Lord. In His wisdom, He extended grace to us who did not deserve it. He held out His hands to us with bread and wine and all good things. The wise man receives that which is offered. The fool refuses the glory of the banquet. The wise man is filled up with Christ through the foolishness of the cross. The fool sees merely bread and wine. 

The wise man receives these elements in faith and gets life in Jesus Christ. So, let us eat and drink and be filled with the wisdom of God.

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