Sunday, March 30, 2014

Believe and Receive

It is not enough to simply believe that the words of forgiveness and assurance are true. Some believe this but remain in a state of doubt and fear before the Lord. It is one thing to acknowledge the truth of a matter and quite another to hold that truth in your hands.
It is one thing to see the beauty of a juicy orange acknowledging that it is beautiful and must therefore be tasty. It is quite another to peal it, feel the sting of the juice on your fingers, bite into it and have the juice tingle on your lips, the juice dripping down your fingers, the juice swirling around in your mouth and your tastebuds firing off in a million different locations. There is a difference between intellectual knowledge and experience. Belief should encompass both but sometimes we keep the glorious experience at bay.

         Do not do this. Do not have a theoretical knowledge of the Lord’s abundant grace, His faithful forgiveness and the peace of assurance. Receive it. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Be surprised at the pleasant aroma and spicy savor of the Lord. Understand His sustaining power. Experience the ahhh of the Lord’s goodness and really rest in His grace. For the Lord is good. His mercies are sure. His forgiveness is here offered. Take. Eat. Rest. Be at peace.

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