Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Don't Be a Dolt

Remember that being foolish is not a matter of smarts. Nabal was smart enough but his doltishness lay in his inability to be wise. He was a fool and showed himself a fool by refusing to listen to the wisdom of others.
         First of all, he would not listen to his wife. That is the first kind of fool. He would not listen to his own men and advisors. Strike two. He would not listen to those the Lord put in his path to bring him to reformation, David and his men. Strike three. The result was that God took him out.
         Abigail was a godly woman. Her actions in this matter were good and right. She saved her household and the lives of many men by refusing to listen to her husband.
         Ladies, if your husband cannot be spoken to, then you need to speak to someone who can hold him accountable. This is not only your right. It is your duty.

         Men, do not be like this. Listen to your wife. Listen to the men around you. Listen to God. Don’t be a dolt.

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