Monday, March 24, 2014

Hear Wisdom and Reject Foolishness

In 1 Samuel 26, David spares Saul the spear refusing to raise his hand against the Lord’s anointed. He puts questions to Saul that Saul cannot answer. Clearly, Saul is both deceived by his own envy and malevolent design as well as the envious ambitions of those surrounding him.
         David is in the right so his questions are straightforward and to the point. Saul’s mouth is closed and he is once again forced to acknowledge the Lord’s hand of blessing upon David.

         This is such a recurrent theme throughout 1 Samuel that you would think that Saul would get it and turn to Yahweh. He has so many chances. He may be a foolish man but he is not a stupid one. He gets the argument that God and David are making but he continually kicks against the goad. He will not repent and thus he seems hell bent in his course of actions.
         Foolishness is a state of perpetual self-deception. In such a condition, there are many other voices that will help keep the deception going. For a king, those voices are many counselors who have ambitions of their own. Their voices chime in to encourage Saul to go with his suspicions.
         But God and David give Saul many chances to wake up, to repent, to stop listening to the distracting voices. We must come to the conclusion that Saul did not want to do this. The agitating voices were just what Saul wanted to hear. He did not fight against them. He encouraged them.
         Humility and godliness is opposed to proud foolishness. It hears and heeds. It wakes up from self-deception because it wants to know the truth and thus to be set free.

         Hear wisdom and reject foolishness.

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