Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Taste Bud Adjustment

At our communion meal, we get just a wee little bit of bread and just a thimble sip of wine. That's not enough bread to really enjoy the flavor of it. We can taste the bread and it is good but we want more.

And wine often takes a few more sips than we get to adjust it and get used to the flavor enough to enjoy it.
But what are we tasting? Bread and Wine? Or Jesus Christ? If you think Jesus is okay as far as that goes but not that big of a deal, then you need to partake much more of Him. He is the best kind of bread, the bread of life.
If you think Jesus is too strong or too sour, then you need to drink more of Him. He is the wine that gladdens the heart of man.
Are you partaking of Jesus in this meal? Are you partaking of Jesus on a daily basis? Have you tasted Him to see that He is good?

He is good. He is good bread. He is good wine. If you cannot taste Him, then you need your taste buds adjusted. This adjustment comes by faith. Have faith in Jesus and you will taste and know that He is good.


Lauren said...

Uncle Virgil,
It's neat that you posted this today. I was just reading the passage in John chapter 6 this morning about Jesus being the bread of life.
:) Lauren (Peter Barry)

Lauren said...
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