Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Great Joy

The arrival of Jesus is Good Tidings of Great Joy. The gospel should produce great joy in us, particularly when we think about the forgiveness of sins.
Some have a hard time accepting the truth of simple forgiveness through Jesus. They want to expiate their own sins some how. They feel a need to do penance. But the result of having to expiate one’s own sins is great despair, causing some to even think of suicide. 'I am so ashamed. I am so guilty. The only honorable thing left to do is kill myself.'
         But wait, there is a better way. There is forgiveness in Jesus. There is justification. Yes, you are guilty but Jesus came with great news that would result in great joy. You can be forgiven. Have you confessed your sins? Have you laid them at the foot of the cross? If so, then you ARE forgiven. Not can be, but ARE! What other response can we have but GREAT JOY.

         Join with the despised shepherds. Join with the poor girl and her poor husband. Join with the reproached Elisabeth and her old husband. There is something glorious here in Jesus. The forgiveness of sins. Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel, shall come to thee, God’s people.

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