Monday, December 28, 2015

Peace on Earth

What do we have here? Bread and Wine, gifts from God. But the bread and wine is Body and blood. Jesus didn’t just give us gifts. He gave us Himself.

When we give a gift it should be about the beloved. It is an attempt to bless. But we should also realize, as hard as this truth might sit upon us, that the gift also represents the giver. Your gifts do represent you. What do they say?

Is it a lazy gift? A thoughtless gift? A gift of little value? A gift that cost you little in time, money or thought? Or, is it a gift that accurately represents your love for the beloved? Maybe we need to take gift giving a little more seriously? This is so because the gift is a revelation not only of your character but of your love for the beloved.

And if you are loved by your beloved, what is the very best gift you could give? If the beloved really loves you, wouldn’t they want you most of all? And just exactly how do you give yourself?

Jesus did. He gave time to His disciples. He gave them wisdom. He took the heat when they were sore pressed. He assured them about the future but also spoke the truth in love about the difficulties that awaited them. He taught them. He told them stories. He explained stories. He took heat from adversaries and finally He gave Himself on the cross.

This bread, this wine. This body, this blood. This Jesus.

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