Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Conviction to Lead- Albert Mohler****

Just finished Al Mohler's book, The  Conviction to Lead. This a great leadership book. It is convicting and convincing that the primary need for leaders is conviction. I highly recommend it.

Al Mohler was and is a highly accomplished man at a very young age. His wisdom is well beyond his years and the Lord has used him in mighty ways to advance His kingdom. In reading this book, my desire to advance Christ's Kingdom has grown.

Furthermore, Mohler does an excellent job of presenting the need that  leaders have to put themselves forward. This is not self-aggrandizing, per se. It can be and the leader should resist the desire to exalt himself. But the leader of any organization or church should have the conviction that his ideals and vision are important and his views need to be expressed in the world. The leader is often the visual and oral representation of that organization or church. It makes sense, then, for the leader to have as many touch points with the world as he can. These touch points include, among other things, speaking, writing, tweeting and blogging.

To this end, I have a renewed desire to get the word out about the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC) and Providence Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. I firmly believe that the Lord has placed these institutions in their respective places at this point in history for great purposes. I have lost sight of that from time to time and that is failure of the conviction to lead.

Thanks Al!

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