Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ebony and Ivory

Came out of Walmart yesterday to see a black lady crying and a middle aged white lady giving her a hug and kiss and consoling her. The black lady seemed like a nice lady in some degree of straits. She had an older car, was dressed decently and had a nice honest face. The white lady seemed from the old school, dignified and caring. I saw that she was writing the black lady a check and the black lady was extremely humbled and thankful with warm embraces and tears of appreciation.

It was clear from what little talk I overheard that they had not previously known each other. The black lady had been sitting in her car crying and the white lady approached her to see if she could help. As a result of their conversation, the older lady wrote her a check, gave her a hug and kiss and made her day. As I left, they were still chatting and seemed to be making great headway on their friendship.

Love is kind.

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