Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Necessary Confession

Confession of sin and repentance are absolutely necessary to holy Christian living for without holiness no man shall see the Lord. This is a scary saying if we are thinking about a holiness that we conjure. But the Scriptures are clear that we are made holy by the cleansing of sin through Jesus Christ. The holiness is given to us as a grace in Christ. But if we continue wantonly in sin, trampling under foot the blood of the covenant, despising the grace of Christ, then our hope is not for cleansing and holiness but rather an expectation of the judgment of the Lord.
         Thus, we are to walk in way that is consistent with being a child of God. Like Jesus, we must walk in holiness, no longer in the filth and mire of those who do not serve God. We must worship Him in spirit and in truth in the power of a changed life, a life saved by grace through faith to holy living. That is what we call sanctification.
         Looking to anything less than the Lord Jesus Christ for the hope of our salvation is religious superstition, which has the appearance of wisdom but lacks the power of God. Let us seek the power of God in Christ, who is our only hope for forgiveness and righteous living.

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