Sunday, August 11, 2013

Exalted in Thanksgiving

Samuel was one who was favored of the Lord. So was Hannah, his mother. Like those saints, we are also favored of the Lord. He has called us into His presence and has spoken words of peace and blessing to us. At this table we are face to face with God. While we maintain a holy reverence for the Lord, we do not come to this place in craven fear. On the contrary, we come to our Father in the name of Jesus, His highly favored Son. In this name, the Father gladly receives us and lifts us up with Jesus to His own right hand.
         We know that this is all of grace and so we do not claim any of this favor as our just dessert. Rather, we ascribe all glory to our God and respond in the only way that we can, with thanksgiving. And this thanksgiving is the reality that keeps our hearts from being exalted. In fact, true thanksgiving keeps us low in our own esteem so that we are candidates for the Lord to continually lift us up.

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