Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Raising Godly Children

Many parents today have their hands thrown up in the air or they are pulling out their hair or they are pulling out the hair of their young charges.  They seem completely in the dark when it comes to raising children to be cheerful and well disciplined.  The frustration level seems to be increasing around us and there are few answers, even from the Church.  While I like to think that the situation is somewhat better in Christian Churches and Christian homes, it is amazing to me how little Christian parents know about raising children to be godly, obedient, respectful and cheerful.  There was a time, not very long ago, when this was the cultural expectation for all children. 

We often see exasperated parents and exasperated children. In fact, this state of affairs is now so common that it is seen as the norm.  We often feel sorry for the mother of little Johnny who is having a conniption fit at Walmart.  Instead, we should lay the blame where it is due, on the mother and her abdicating husband. Our feelings should run in sympathy towards Johnny but out of control child behavior often causes us to despise the children.  Even the parents of Johnny end up not liking him very much even though they know that have to say that they love him dearly. 

If you are the mother or father of little Johnny, my purpose is not to make you feel bad.  On the contrary, my purpose is to give you hope and to begin to point you towards the biblical answers that can begin to change your situation.   God has great promises in store for you and your children.  In order to see them, you must begin to lay some foundational principles that will give you that hope. The Church, your church, should be helping you along this path.  

I will be making several posts in the coming days from our Joyful Home series. This is a series of teaching on Marriage and Family with an emphasis on raising godly children. The goal is the title, living before the Lord in a home full of joy. Joy requires hard work and discipline.

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