Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In the Name of Jesus

When we stand before the Lord, cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ, we are in a highly blessed place. We have entered the holy of holies. We have ascended to the right hand of the Father with Jesus. We are exalted with Christ, seated at His table, declared friends of Jesus and gladly welcomed by His Father, our Father, the Creator of the universe. Think on these things. They are marvelous.
I do not say these things merely to make you feel good about yourself. If we stand before the Lord as ourselves, by ourselves, we will not feel good. We will be fearful of what the Holy One of Israel might do to us. But we do not stand here as ourselves by ourselves. We are all in Christ and being in Christ means that the Father looks upon us the way that He looks upon His only beloved Son, the One in whom He is well pleased.
         For a host of reasons, you may not feel the welcome assurance of God, our Father. Life, health, emotions, doubts, all get in the way. But I exhort you to hear the Word of God from a minister of the good news in Jesus Christ. The Lord speaks peace to you. The Lord speaks a blessing to you. The Lord speaks to you as a kindhearted Father. Hear him and stand upon this truth in faith, resting not in your own feelings or even your own thoughts, but resting in Christ, who is faithful and true. He is always true to His Word. 
          The Lord is faithful and just to forgive sinners. Having heard these Words of Assurance, let us stand boldly in the presence of the Lord with hearts full of gratitude for His kindness to us in Christ.

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