Wednesday, February 29, 2012


That was easy.

It is my intent to write a bit more. Not sure how much of that I will be doing on my blog. Some, no doubt. I have devised one simple way to force myself to write a little something each day.

I get a word of the day from the Oxford English Dictionary-OED. For a while I was disappointed in my daily words as they seemed very modern and faddish, unlike the OED. But it was not long until my daily inbox was filled with fascinating words, as most words are. Anyway, my intent is to use these words putting them to keyboard that forces me to understand how the word works in real time, and try to incorporate the words into my regular vocabulary. At the very least, write.

Relax, there will be no extra charge to you for these words or potential extra posts. They will all be freebies.

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