Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Today I will give another annual sermon about liturgy. The point of this sermon is to cause us to remember why we do what we do. That is very important. Many of us have attended churches where we thought the liturgy, singing, scripture texts and prayers were wonderful, only to look around at a bunch of gloomy, hopeless, unbelieving people.  We face that very same danger and especially so as we pass our faith on to the next generation.
Our liturgy is beautiful. It is Christ-centered and biblical. But our liturgy will not save us. Jesus Christ does that. Our danger is to not see Jesus in the liturgy and fail to come to know and obey Him through it. If we are simply here to engage in a pretty one hour long ceremony, then we will be like those main line churches where we have attended, who like the dwarves in the stable, are eating King’s fare at a King’s table while only believing enough to think that they are eating scraps thrown out for the pigs.
          So, I exhort you today to wake up and pay attention. This is a glorious time in a glorious place with glorious people and a glorious God. If you cannot see all this glory because your are eyes have grown dim with darkness then repent and pray for light. Jesus is light and in Him there is no darkness at all.

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