Thursday, March 01, 2012

Exhortation- Motherness

Today, in our sermon, we look at Motherness.  I am thankful that we have many wonderful examples of mothers in this congregation. Our church is imaging God as we see faithfulness in our homes in our represented mothers and fathers. And to this extent we get a good example of what God is like. He is a faithful Father and He also represents the nurturing atmosphere provided by mothers. The godly characteristics needed for motherhood flow directly from the Trinity.
         But it is not good for us to reason simply from the creature to the Creator. We have good mothers in our midst but their duty as mothers needs to be derived from God and His Scriptures. We are doing this but must do so more and more. To that extent, we will no doubt find places where we fall short of God’s character and of His law.
         We fathers and mothers may already know where we have fallen short this week, fathers provoking children to wrath, mothers failing to maintain a fragrant and sweet aroma in the home. As we seek to know and apply God’s standard in our roles as mothers and fathers, we will need to repent of our false standards and our failings of His true standard.

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