Saturday, February 25, 2012

Communion- Great Father

God is always with us and He keeps us even when we are unaware that He is doing so.  He watches out for us and makes sure that we are clothed, fed and sheltered.  This abundance of grace largely goes unnoticed by us. But even though this is the case, our Father in heaven continues to shower these blessings upon us day after day, anyway.
         We are gathered here again to eat and drink in the name of the Lord Jesus. God has provided the Lamb. He has washed away our sins. He has called us to His home. He has set good food and wine before us. He has provided us with fare that will make us strong enough to withstand the world, the flesh and the devil.  The Spirit, Himself, prays for our weakness, fulfilling the Father’s will in our lives to make us strong in Jesus Christ.
         It is a great Father that watches over us, protects us and is always here in our time of need. These symbols speak these truths to us. Remember this as you eat and drink.

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