Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Communion- Peace

This meal testifies that we are God’s people. Because we are God’s people, God’s children, then we are all related to one another. This is true whether we are acting like it is true or not.  So, it is vital that we tell the truth in our lives about what we testify at this table. We have sat down to eat with one another. Put aside all malice, any roots of bitterness and all of your ego. You are all seated at God’s table as God’s people. He allows no quarrelling here. No quarrelling between spouses, or siblings, or extended families or between households.  This is the meal of peace and the Father demands that you be at peace.
         Another wonderful truth is that this meal is a means of grace to bring peace. Just as over a regular special meal, the differences, arguments and pettiness of the family are set aside and the food and the drink draws you together to make you happy together at this special place. 
        How much more so the food that is the body and blood of our Lord Jesus? There is no better fare and no better company. Look around and rejoice that God has brought you here. Put aside all schism and be, you all, united in Jesus Christ. Amen.

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