Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Exhortation- Remember

This morning we are receiving new members into our church. We are thankful for this and not simply because we are glad to see the church growing but because we believe that this church will be a real blessing to these families.
         As I mentioned last week, one of our greatest sins is forgetfulness. We often use forgetting as an excuse but forgetting is the main problem.
         As we bring in these new members, along with their excitement about being here, we need to remember why we are here.
         God has blessed us mightily in this little congregation and if we do not choose to regularly remember this, we will forget, lose our gratefulness, grow cold, perhaps leave this church or much worse, even wander from our allegiance to Jesus Christ. God forbid that it should be so with you.
         So, why are you here? Is it because God put you in a body of other Christians that take the Bible seriously? Is it because we desire to have godly marriages and bring our children up in the Lord? Is it because we have leadership that believes in holding people accountable and will do so even to the point of church discipline? Is it because God has been kind to us in revealing glorious truths from His Scripture about His governance of all things, His promises to save the world and the covenant with us and our children? Is it because our worship is Christo-centric, biblically based and set against the decline of modernity? Is it because we honor the Lord’s Day and seek to have this day set the paradigm of how we are to live every day? Or, perhaps many other reasons, like simply having good friends, faithful leadership and a simple church lifestyle?
         Today is a good day to remember. If you have forgotten these things, confess your forgetfulness and choose to remember with thankfulness.

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