Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Communion-A bite and a sip

One of the things I point out in our liturgy sermon is that Communion is the high point of our service. I wish we had a bit more time to do our eating and drinking in a more relaxed way but just because we do not take a lot of time to do Communion should not detract us from the importance of it.
I suppose you all look forward to Easter dinner. You spend time thinking about the menu, preparing the lamb or the ham, pealing the potatoes, making the salad, picking out the right wine, decorating the table, lighting the candles, saying a thoughtful prayer. And then you sit down and gobble it all up in a few short minutes!  The duration of eating does not demean the import and glory of all of the preparations. It heightens it. It makes that moment of eating especially poignant.
       So, too, let us bring all the glory into this meal of a few moments. Jesus has drawn us here. He has cleansed us of sins. He has taught us His Word. He has knit us together through prayer and song. He has called us to a higher plane of living, even in His Kingdom and His palace. And now to prove it all to you, He has invited you to sit down and eat with Him and all those that belong to Him.
Remember all of that as you eat your bite of bread and drink your sip of wine.

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