Thursday, January 26, 2012

Communion- War Council

Here we are again, eating and drinking in the name of Jesus. What are we doing relaxing? Don’t we realize that there is a world to conquer for Christ? When will we do something about it?
          Well, first we need to get hold of the fact that we are doing something about it here today inside these four walls. We are not hiding in here. We are having a tactical meeting.  There is a sense in which this is a war council.
          We are gathered here to assess our condition and the condition of the enemy and then make plans to go on assault.
          The Lord is making us fit for battle. The first thing we do is declare our allegiance. This is like a roll call in which we declare, present! Then we are briefed with the current condition, prepped with the necessary knowledge to go out and then take nourishment with a charge from the general. 
          Our unity in this calling is essential to our victory. In fact, if we understand what Christ has done, it is the testament that if we are unified in Christ, then we have already won.
           So, what we do here, eat and drink in the name of Jesus, is a guarantee that all the enemies of Christ will, in fact, be vanquished. We have accomplished their demise before we even set forth into the enemy territory. Christ has done it in His death, resurrection and ascension. So, let us go out in His name and receive the kingdom that He has purchased with His own blood.

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