Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lord, Save Us!

Lord, I will follow you wherever You go. That is a common sentiment of those who are saved by Jesus. But then the weather flashes up and things get dicey. Life does not go as we had planned. Jesus, our good and kind Savior, leads us in a direction we had not intended. Troubles come our way in the form of trials. Some of the trials are severe, threatening our very lives. 
         Will you serve Him, now? Even if you understand that He is the Sovereign Lord and able to fully put an end to your trials but refuses to do so on your time schedule? Will you press into the storm fearlessly because Jesus is in your boat? Or, will you look to someone else or something else for salvation, for comfort?

         The disciples were unduly fearful but at least they turned to the right solution. Lord, save us! Whether you see it or not, Jesus is your only hope.  Do not fear. Show faith. Call out to Jesus. Though He would have you show more courage and faith in Him, He will, none-the-less, arise and calm the storm.

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