Tuesday, August 23, 2016

He Can, He Will

A leper came to Jesus and asked if Jesus was willing to heal him. Jesus was willing and healed him. Here we are gathered as God’s people, by His Holy Spirit, in the presence of Jesus, with various forms of leprosy about us, sins in thoughts, words and deeds, sickness in body or mind, doubts, fear. The only way to not be healed of these infirmities is to not come to Jesus, not confess, not bow, not recognize the authority and healing power of our Lord Jesus.

         But I believe better things for you, things that accompany salvation. Do you believe Jesus can heal your soul? Do you believe that He is willing? And if He heals your soul, this will also bring life to your mortal body. Come to Him, bow before Him in confession, ask His pardon and know the peace and healing of the Lord.

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