Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Fed Up in Jesus

We sometimes act as if we don’t have enough. We may think we do not have enough food or clothes or car or house. I am not talking about simply growing in gratitude and accepting the ever growing blessings of the Lord in provision for food or clothes or car or house. But a particular attitude that says something like, “Will we ever get ahead? We never have enough. We always fall short.” And these sorts of things are often said by a husband with regret and by a wife with disdain. You get fed up.

But for the Christian, the truth lies in this morsel of bread and wine. If you would only see it and believe then you would stop being so regretful or full of disdain. You do have enough and more than enough. All provision starts with Jesus. When you are fed up in frustration you are refusing to see how full you really are in Jesus. He is your all and in Him you will find no lack. So come to the Table and be the right kind of fed up in Jesus.

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