Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Turn From, Turn To

You are called to repentance every Lord’s Day. We sometimes simply refer to this as the Confession of Sins.  Sometimes I talk about particular sin that might catch you, envy, bitterness, lust, and I hope the Spirit uses these little sermons to call you up short and turn you around.
         When you refuse to confess sins and repent of them, you are walking away from the Lord. That is why it is so important to confess daily and repent daily. People often drift away from the Lord through a series of seemingly little unconfessed sins, a prideful self-rightousness here, a little internet time there, gossip with girls over there, and then you find yourself in a wilderness of sin and the things of God are a mile away.

         But when you repent, you not only turn from your sins, you turn towards Jesus, you start walking towards Him and immediately He is with you once again. You had your back to Him but now you can face Him having received full forgiveness. That is the power of repentance.

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